The Way of the Future: Hybrid and Electric Cars

Sales of hybrid and electric cars have been growing rapidly and for good reason. They’re one of the best ways you can save energy – and money – with new options hitting the streets each year. Imagine driving a roomy…

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Energy Calculators and Other Nifty Tools

Because it’s in everyone’s best interests to lower our energy consumption, there’s a surprising amount of tools out there to promote energy conservation. Here’s a look at a few resources offered right online. ENERGY STAR Calculators The U.S. Department of…

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Become an Energy Conservation Advocate

There are endless ways you can be an advocate for energy conservation, from simple, energy-saving tasks that you can do every day to spreading the word to family and friends by, perhaps, sharing this blog. (Please do!) But there’s also…

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Save Energy While Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday cooking is just around the corner, which means you’ll be spending more time and electricity than usual in the kitchen. Keep your Thanksgiving energy costs down by following these simple cooking tips. Preparation Before Preheating Do food washing, slicing,…

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Game-Changing Energy Conservation Apps

Every day we see technology changing our world in ways we never dreamed possible. Too many apps to count hold the possibility to impact our daily lives, including those that help us conserve energy and fight global warming. Here’s a…

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Car Window Tinting Laws: What You Need to Know

Car window tinting laws were passed with safety in mind, whether ensuring visibility for drivers on the road or police officers approaching pulled over vehicles. But each state’s law varies and this causes confusion on what is actually illegal. Moreover,…

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The Mind-Blowing Benefits of Wind Energy

From creating thousands of new manufacturing jobs to being a clean and renewable energy source, wind energy has been the energy industry’s darling for more than a decade. Here are some interesting facts from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)….

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4 Free Energy Savings Apps for Your Smartphone

Taking steps to save energy can be as simple as pulling out your smartphone. Download these apps to help make you smarter about energy efficiency. Best of all, they are free! Click the app icons below to view and download…