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Benefits of Window Film in Hospitals

Aesthetics, energy efficiency, safety, and heat reduction are some of the many benefits that both homeowners and business owners receive from window film. But it is not just limited to houses and cars. Hospitals and health care facilities, like Baylor…

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Getting Started With Solar Panels

Residents of the Sunshine State or those who live in the hot, beaming desert have likely given thought to solar-powered energy. Of course, year-round sunlight is most conducive, but even the cooler climates can take advantage of nature’s purest source…

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Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner

With warmer temperatures, you’ve probably noticed an increase in running your home air conditioning unit and higher monthly energy bills. Home cooling costs for United States’ homeowners is an average of $11 billion annually. Per household, average cooling costs make…

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Quiz: Which energy appliance are you?

Choose the answers that best apply to you then check the key below to see what energy appliance you are. A. I have a vivid imagination. B. I live a rough-and-tumble kind of life. C. I’m a clean freak. D….