Easy Energy Saving Tips is a website, operated by Madico Window Films, that is dedicated to providing solutions to consumers to help save energy in their homes, their businesses, and their automobiles.

Madico, Inc. is a thriving organization with a rich history of invention, innovation, and imagination. For well over 100 years, we’ve met the ever-changing needs of our customers by leveraging the skills needed to adapt our product portfolios. While our earliest portfolios were characterized by gift wrap and ribbon products, Madico’s current line features highly engineered, multi-layer films for Energy, Safety, Security, and Architectural applications.

As a recognized leader in the window film industry, we value energy conservation. While much of the content you will read here on Easy Energy Saving Tips is about window film, this site is not intended to directly sell any products. Instead, our focus is to provide you, the consumer, with information about the benefits of window film and other energy-saving technology and solutions.

Consumers have many options when it comes to buying products, especially window film, and we believe every consumer should be well informed of all of the benefits to determine which products will best suit their needs.

We also recognize that in today’s society, information is spread quickly through technology including internet search engines, email, and social media. Easy Energy Saving Tips was also created with that idea in mind. So if you find these energy-saving solutions helpful, we ask that you spread the word by sharing these articles with your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family members.