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Have Yourself An Energy Efficient Christmas

Christmas is one of the most energy-consuming times of year for homes. Before you untangle those bulky, traditional bulbs again, consider these lighting options that can help you save energy and money. LED Lighting What’s the big deal with LED…

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Easy Energy Tips for Apartments

Of America’s 35 million apartment residents, a significant portion of them are renters. One of the best parts of renting as opposed to buying is not having to worry too much about the status of your dwelling. Big picture headaches…

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Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

Have you started backing off on your air conditioning? Maybe you’ve even pulled out a jacket to wear at night. That means it’s fall, and winter is not far behind. Prep your home for colder weather with these energy saving…

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The Flex House: Multi-Faceted Adaptability

If you’re environmentally conscious and looking for a home, you probably think you can’t have it all. That’s okay. It’s hard to imagine a home that has both enough space to live comfortably and is an energy cipher. It’s also…

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Save Energy by Slaying Vampire Power

You’ve heard of vampire power, right? The term is not as scary as it sounds, but it will make your energy bill creep up on you. You won’t need a cross or garlic to avoid being a victim, and you…

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Four Reasons to Use a Light Straw Clay Wall System

Not all wall systems are created equal. Of course, all wall systems are meant to protect the interior of your home from exterior degradation—from moisture, oxygen, or even—in extreme cases—fire. But they also act as support for your home’s insulation….

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Understanding the Importance of Insulation

Heating and cooling your home makes up about 48% of your energy bill, according to The Energy Department. Of course, these costs are determined by the climate in which you live, the construction of your house, and your family’s energy needs. That…